Robotic Soul

Russ Denman (M76) front man to the popular Robotic Soul broadcast on Brighton’s Radio Reverb 97.2FM spins that deep underground soulful music that is true to the roots of Detroit techno. Techno as it used to be and still is if you know where to look. Today the vast majority of techno played in clubs has lost it’s soul. Much of what is produced under the banner of techno no longer has the essential elements that created the tunes that filled the clubs back in the day. Robotic Soul brings Brighton something a little bit more than the usual click shit that is played in clubs the world over.  Techno’s heart still beats, just look at labels like Delsin, Cache and Subject Detroit for proof of that. In the side wings a small but growing number are producing expressive soulful dance music and I hope that Robotic Soul will bring a little bit of that into the people of Brighton’s lives. “Basic stripped down, raw sound. Just drums, basslines and funky grooves and only what’s essential. Only what is essential to make people move” * Take a look around? Techno has been hijacked by minimal. For too long clubland has been besieged by the massed forces of minimal techno and its got to stop. Such trends have seen the demise of the soul infused techno that typified the original Detroit imprint. Robotic Soul is dedicated to moving in another direction, forging new paths in the music without losing sight of the spirit of its inception. “Something was missing – an element…in what we know as techno. It sounded great from a production point of standpoint, but there was a ‘jack’ element in the old structure. People would complain that there’s no funk, no feeling in techno anymore, and the easy escape is to put a vocalist and some piano on top to fill the emotional gap. I thought it was time for a return to the original underground.” Robert Hood *